Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfort, Guidance, Resilience, and Blessings

5 Minutes to Remember. That's the challenge today from Reverb 10. Set an alarm clock and see what I can remember. It's not that I don't remember specifics, I just remember feelings, emotions, and particular moments. 

At the setting of the sun New Year’s Eve imagine your memory erased. What if your entire life, everything you’ve done, specifically this year, disappeared. What of those 12 months would you want to remember and how would you encapsulate it?
“Jesus, please come, please come today. Hear me. Heal me. Be near me I pray, “ sings Heather Williams. These song lyrics I remember in 2010. Comfort
“Lead me with strong hands, Stand up when I can’t, Don’t leave me hungry for love, Chasing dreams, what about us,” sings Christian band Sanctus Real, from the real life emotions of Matt Hammitt. These are song lyrics I remember in 2010. Guidance.

Imagining just two minutes to remember 2010, I remember:
Moving out. Moving In.
Saying Goodbye. Saying Hello.
Packing. Unpacking.
Unlearning, and learning.
Frustration, and relief.
Anger, resentment, and hope, plus belief. 
These things, “I’ve fallen so far, flat on my face, Lord I need your grace today,” Heather Williams sings.
2010 is not about the falling down, despite how I may sometimes feel, or the giving up and saying goodbye before I was ready, or the endless breaking of hearts. 2010, from what I remember, was about comings and goings. For others, it was about beginnings, and endings. 

What's that word I keep saying? Oh yes, resilience.
It’s the life affirming reasons why we are here. Sometimes we arrive at a place and we wonder how we got here, not literally, but figuratively. 
I met a woman tonight who moved to my town because her husband's job brought her here, and in the last four years life changed. 
Life is not what I thought it was 24 hours ago. 
In 2010, I will remember most the change. The change in jobs, in scenery, in friendships, in relationships, and in the situations I left behind. Somewhere in there, I will remember the blessings.

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