Saturday, December 25, 2010

So, this is Christmas. Everything’s OK.

I’m sniffling, not because I’m crying, but because I have a cold. At least, that’s my answer at this moment. Ask me again later and the answer might change. (A short time ago, someone texted me something very simple, and I was fighting back tears).

The Reverb 10 project provides opportunities to reflect on parts of 2010 and manifest destiny for 2011, and some of the writing prompts they choose resonate like the echo of a harp played down the hall and around the corner. That would be the reverberations.

Everything’s OK. You know, I think if a person says that enough they come to believe it. Two weeks ago I sat at the computer I’m at now explaining I didn’t want to worry in 2011. I believed that if I could shed it from my life, the “best of my life could begin.” Honestly, I just didn’t know how that manifestation would occur. But, that worry, the worry that I so desperately didn’t want to be experiencing anymore (I swear, I was living right smack in the middle of worry that I didn’t even recognize it) is gone.   

Have you ever noticed that if you have had a rough go, illness, relationship breakups, or other crisis, people tend to inform you that everything will, in fact, be OK? [Thank you, each of you.]

“This too shall pass.”
“Time heals all wounds.”
“Everything happens for a reason.”
Yes, you’re right.
I’m sure that it does.
That seems to be the case.

Looking ahead at 2011, the recognition is that as tough as something seems to be while you are in it, or coming out of it, or going through it, or whatever, it does get better.

There are two lessons I move forward with.

One comes from several years ago from my Mom. I had just earned my driver’s license and with energy was on my way to pick her up from work. Just past the cul-de-sac I hit a fire hydrant and a geyser of water went into the air. I decided to make it much more dramatic than it was and climbed out of the sunroof, rolled down an embankment, and called her on a brick-sized cell phone.

“Mom? I ran over a fire hydrant.”

“Well, what do you want me to do about it?”

Mom’s point was I hadn’t hurt anyone, I wasn’t hurt, and the most I had done was flooded the street. Lesson learned.

Another lesson dates back years ago and carries with me straight to this night. As a child I would watch “A Sesame Street Christmas” with my Dad (aka, "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street"). The song that plays during it rings true and my Dad so often reminds me that it is to, “Keep Christmas with you, all through the year….”
If I do, Everything’s OK.


  1. Right before I met my husband, I dated a mean, controlling man and throughout our relationship and into our breakup, I kept on telling myself "everything is going to be okay." I didn't even believe what I was telling myself. I couldn't even DARE to imagine that it would.

    I realize now that all those "stuff" made me realize the good when it finally came along. And you know what....everything IS okay.

  2. :) Hello...just finding my way here for the first time. And I'm nodding my head as I read your post. Just this time last year, I was going through such a difficult time that I wasn't sure I would be able to carry on - and I'm a pretty tough cookie. But I did - with the help of God and the angels, some human, some not! LOL And here I am, happier than I can remember being in a long time.

    I hope that 2011 brings you many lovely things to be joyful about - and all the peace your heart can hold.


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