Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Wine Corks Tell A Story

I make most things in the kitchen.

On Thanksgiving, I made my first turkey.
What I would like to make is a creative project. For more than a year I have been saving wine corks. My boyfriend* and I enjoy going wine tasting and joined several wine clubs over the years.

Each cork has a memory, a story, or something else.

The project I want to undertake includes taking those corks and cutting them to frame a memory, a photograph, or two. Maybe I could make one for someone else, as a gift, and practice giving, that way. As a bonus, I could include a bottle of wine.

What is the last thing you made? Or better yet, what is the last thing you created?

This post is part of Reverb10, a project to reflect on the year before it ends.

*Ex-boyfriend as of December 12, 2010


1 comment:

  1. I am LOVING this Reverb business. I just got introduced to it today, so I'm hoping to participate next year. Kudos to you for participating and I can't wait to see your Reverb posts.

    I like your "cork into something more" idea. I also like (very much) your include a bottle of wine idea. =)

    The last thing I made was a memo board to hold my index cards. I jot down different quotes and ideas on cards and I had a huge stack of them on my desk, so I took a canvas, wrapped it in some fabric and added ribbon. It's not very cute, but it'll do. =)


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